“PihKol” is a potent Carbonaceous Green Sand Additive, developed to replace conventional Coal Dust for imparting finish to castings.

“PihKol” is based on selected Low Ash, High Lustrous Carbon donating carbonaceous material.

“PihKol” has adequate Lustrous Carbon Donning capacity ensuring a proper non wetting barrier between Metal and Mold, giving good peel off to castings, resulting in

Specification PihKol-A PihKol-C PihKol-B PihKol
Volatile Matter 57+5% 63+5% 55+5% 68+5%
Ash Content 7% Max. 7% Max. 7% Max. 7% Max.
Fixed Carbon By Difference By Difference By Difference By Difference

The Goyal Group offer tailor made solutions as and when deemed necessary. Usage

Addition generally varies from 0.2 to 0.5% of the sand mixed.

Sand: Metal Ratio

Burn out of the additive

LOI requirements based on the size, section thickness & heat Content of castings.


“PihKol” is not self-igniting.


25kg / 50kg HDPE Bags.
500kg /1000 kg Jumbo Bags.


Keep in covered place away from moisture and flames. Store in stacks of 2mtrs high maximum. During storage ensure that any other carbonaceous material is stacked such that, at least 1 mtr. gap is maintained. Ensure storage of only sealed bags while stacking.


The induction and development of PihKol-B was to cater to specific demands of certain very discerning foundries, where the addition rates has been reported lower by between 20 to 50% as compared to normal PihKol, while ensuring lower sand sticking to castings.

This lowered addition rates enabled the foundries to reduce friability of sand, thus, decreasing the possibilities of sand inclusion in casting as well as imparting better finish.

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