“PihBond” is a single Additive solution to the Foundry Green Sand System, replacing both, the Lustrous Carbon Additive as well as the Bentonite.

“PihBond” is formulated with Highly Potent Lustrous Carbon and a judicious blend of Bentonite, ensuring an excellent “Peel Off” of sand in castings with Higher Mould Strength at considerably lowered additions. PihBond has been formulated in 2 variations – PihBond-P-009 – for Horizontally Parted Moulding Lines and PihBond –P-045 – for Vertically Parted Moulding Lines.

Specification PihBond-P-009 PihBond-P-045
Volatile Matter 25+5% 22± 5%
Loss on Ignition 35+5% 33+5%
MB Value 90+6ml/gm 92 +6ml/gm.
Swelling 25+5ml 25+5ml


“PihBond” is not Self Igniting.


Addition of “PihBond” is gradually reduced to nearly 70 to 60% of the Bentonite + LCA addition.

Addition of required quantity of “PihBond” is done immediately after sand is added to mixer and dry mixed as per normal practice.

Water is added in the required quantity and after adequate mixing, the mixed sand is discharged.

Our Experience

PihBond has found application in almost the entire range of casting varieties as well as various Moulding Lines:

Casting variety:

Molding Lines:

The induction of PihBond requires the Goyal Technical Team to closely interact on the Foundry Floor with the Foundry team for closely monitoring the sand parameters. This ensures enhanced sand control, resulting in considerable improvement in Casting Finish.


25 kg / 50 kg HDPE Bags.

500 kg / 1,000 kg Jumbo Bags.

Precautions :

Effectiveness of PihBond

Test results as obtained in laboratory with Lab Sand Muller using New Sand + (Indian Bentonite + LCA) / PihBond + Water as per Standard. Shop floor results may vary.

With the use of PihBond the foundries have accrued the following advantages


Reduced Addition (20 to 40%)

Increased regenerated activity ensures higher Active Clay retention on recycling,increasing GCS. To sustain this at required levels, PihBond addition needs to be reduced to optimum levels depending on various factors.

Reduction in shot blasting time

As the sand sticking to castings is reduced the shot blasting time comes down by around 30%.

Reduction of Weight - (0.5% to 2.5%)

Higher DCS achieved, results in reduced dilation of the mould during casting, resulting in better dimensional stability and reduced weight of component on account of reduced swelling. Reduction by 0.5% in Vertically parted high pressure lines and up to 2.5% in Jolt-Squeeze lines are not uncommon.

Reduced Sand Sticking (25-40%)

Highly potent Lustrous Carbon content provides an excellent barrier, reducing sand sticking. Nearly 25 to 40% reduction in sand sticking is experienced. Consequently, Shot Blasting time also reduces by at least 30%.

Reduction in Mould Breakage

In high pressure lines, specifically in KW line, mould breakage reduced by nearly 60 to 70% as compared to Pre-PihBond usage

Reduction in Sand related rejections - (30% of the Pre-PihBond)

With reduction in addition of PihBond as well as reduction of dead fines formation, the fines content of sand reduces, in turn reducing the moisture demand for maintaining similar compactability. Consequently, moisture related rejections, like Blow Holes / Pin Holes show a lowering trend.
On account of higher GCS / DCS and sustained WTS sand is anchored more firmly reducing sand erosion / sand inclusion / sand drop, etc. and also mitigating scabbing tendencies considerably.
It has been our experience that around 25% of the sand related rejections come down as compared to Pre-PihBond.


Retention of sand containing valuable active ingredients in the system

Reduction in Pollution Level

Lower Water Demand

Lower waste sand generation and Disposal

Better casting finish

Better sand control and condition

Faster Billing Cycle as WIP is reduced on account of faster Casting Cleaning operations.

Man Power Savings due to single handling of material.

Technical service of the Goyal team.

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