Techno Commercial Proposal
Production Capacity:  MT Existing Production:  MT
Melting/month :  MT Finish Goods/month:  MT
Type of Casting:
Wt. Range:  Kg. To  Kg.
Section Thickness:
Min:  MM  Max:  MM
 Type of Molding : HAND:   MACHINE :
 Sand System Use : UNIT: Facing Backing:
Sand to Metal Ratio :
Melting Equipment :
  Sand Details
Type of Mixer used:
Sand Mix:
New Sand: Ret Sand:
Bentonite: LCA:
Cores used:
Quantity of core sand integrating with unit sand:
Total Sand in System:
Batch Quantity :
Number of Cycle :
Raw Sand properties:
Bentonite Properties:
Bentonite Source:   Monthly Consumption:  
LCA Properties:
LCA Source:   Monthly Consumption:  
Molding Sand:
Moisture : GCS: Permability:
Compact: LOI: VM:
Total Clay: Act. Clay: AFS:
New Sand :
Source: AFS: Clay:
Sand Plant Details:
Any other testing:
Time for casting cooling:
Pouring Temperatures:
Type of Machine:
Capacity of Machine:   Avg. Shot Blasting Time:  
Shots Consumption/Month:

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