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is a potent carbonaceous Green Sand Additive, developed to replace conventional Coal Dust for imparting finish to castings. "PihKol" high Lustrous Carbon donning carbonaceous material."PihKol" has Lustrous Carbon donning capacity ensuring a proper non wetting barrier between Metal and Mold, giving good peel off to castings, resulting in:
"PihKol" B
The induction and development of "PihKol" B was to cater to specific demands of certain very discerning foundries, where the addition rates has been reported lower by between 20 to 50% as compared to normal "PihKol", while ensuring better or similar peel off.
  • Retention of sand in the system it self
  • Lowered WIP in the cleaning of castings
  • Reduced Shot Blasting time
This lowered addition rates enabled the foundries to reduce friability of sand, thus, decreasing the possibilities of sand erosion/sand inclusion in castings as well as imparting better finish.

is offered as :
Specifications   PihKol C
:- 57+ 5 % 63+ 5 % 55+ 5% 68+ 5%
:- 7% Max. 7% Max. 7% Max. 7% Max.
:- By Difference By Difference By Difference By Difference

The Goyal Group offer tailor made solutions as and when deemed necessary.

Usage :
Addition varies from 0.2 to 0.5% based on sand mixed.

The various factors to be considered, among others are:

  • Sand : Metal Ratio
  • Burn out of the additive
  • L0I requirements based on the size, section thickness & heat content of castings
Required quantity of PihKol is added to the sand mix in place of coal dust.

Services :

Goyal Group analyses sand regularly from foundries, offering comments & recommendations. Technical Personnel associate with foundry staff to monitor sand system leading to :

1. Optimizing of various additives like Bentonite; New Sand etc and Monitoring the
    Sand System to achieve optimum properties of sand
2. Improved Sand System generally results in decreased Sand Related Rejections

Environment :

Decreased addition of various consumables in sand mix, reduces the pressure on disposing the waste materials related to Sand Plant. It is becoming difficult and expensive to dispose these wastes, being considered Toxic Wastes by the Environmentalists.

In Effect :

While "PihKol" could be is available at higher price compared to similar products in market. however, Goyal Group association with Foundries, through unparalleled service, from the commencement of "PihKol" use. till enrichment of the sand system, ensures overall cost effectiveness. Thus, in spite of high initial price of "PihKol" Foundries are advantaged by :-

  • Improvement in casting quality
  • Trend of decreased sand related Rejections.
  • Savings in reduced input consumables
  • Reduced shot blasting
  • Lower disposable waste

Note :
"PihKol" is not Auto Igniting.

Packing :
50kg HDPE bags.
1000 Kg Jumbo Bags.

Keep in covered place away from moisture and flames.
Store in stacks of 2mtrs high maximum.
During storage ensure that any other carbonaceous material is stacked such that, at least 1 mtr. gap is maintained.
Ensure storage of only sealed bags while stacking.

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