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"PihBond" is a single shot solution to the Foundry Green Sand System, replacing both, the Lustrous Carbon Additive as well as the Clay Bond.
Consequently, ''PihBond" replaces "PihKol" and Bentonite in the sand system. On account of its unique formulation and processing,
"PihBond", provides excellent bond to molds as well as peel Off & Surface Finish to Castings at attractive addition rates


Addition of "PihBond" is more or less equal to the addition of bentonite in the system. Addition of required quantity of "PihBond" is done immediately after sand is added to mixer and dry mixed as per normal practice. Water is added in the required quantities and after adequate mixing, the mixed sand is discharged.


"PihBond" is an additive with controlled and enhanced bond as such the combined addition of bentonite and LCA, is taken care of with lower addition rates of "PihBond".
"PihBond" is formulated with appropriate Volatile Matter and Lustrous Carbon to ensure proper reducing atmosphere and good finish to the castings as well as adequate bonding to give desired mold strength,
"PihBond" has more uniform bonding properties than bentonite, because of the control on the various properties of the bonding material, while "PihBond" is manufactured. This enables foundries to achieve better consistency in the Green Sand.

25/50 kg HDPE bags
1000 kg jumbo bags
Store "PihBond" in a covered area away for moisture and heat
Ensure opened bags of "Pihbond" are sealed to prevent exposure to moisture.
Store in stacks of 2mtrs high maximum.
During storage ensure that any other carbonaceous material is stacked such that at Least 1 mtr. gap is maintained.
Ensure storage of only sealed bags while stacking.

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