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“PihBond” is a single Additive solution to the Foundry Green Sand System, replacing both, the Lustrous Carbon Additive as well as the Bentonite. “PihBond” is formulated with Highly Potent Lustrous Carbon and a judicious blend of Bentonites, ensuring an excellent “Peel Off” of sand on castings with Higher Mould Strength at considerably lowered additions.

60 Sec Max

Note: “PihBond” is not Self Igniting.


Addition of “PihBond” is gradually reduced to nearly 60% of the Bentonite + LCA addition. Addition of required quantity of “PihBond” is done immediately after sand is added to mixer and dry mixed as per normal practice. Water is added in the required quantity and after adequate mixing, the mixed sand is discharged.

Our Experience:

PihBond has found application in almost the entire range of casting varieties as well as various Moulding Lines:-

Casting variety:-     
Molding Lines:-     

The induction of PihBond requires the Goyal Technical Team to closely interact on the Foundry Floor with the Foundry team for closely monitoring the sand parameters. This ensures enhanced sand control, resulting in considerable improvement in Casting Finish.

  • Store “PihBond” in covered area away from moisture and heat.
  • Ensure opened bags of “PihBond” are sealed to prevent exposure to moisture.
  • Store in stacks of 2 mtrs. high maximum.
  • During storage ensure that any other carbonaceous material is stacked such that at least 1 mtr. gap is maintained.
  • Ensure storage of only sealed bags while stacking.

  • Effectiveness of PihBond:-     

    Test results as obtained in laboratory with Lab Sand Muller using New Sand + (Bentonite + LCA) / PhiBond + Water as per Standard. Shop floor results may vary.

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