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Goyal Pulverisers & Minerals manufactures Coal Dust to the specific Requirements of foundries. With state of art plant and machinery, the high consistency in quality. making Goyal Group Coal Dust a premium product.
Coal Dust is available in :
:- 7%max 18 + 2 %
:- 60 + 5% 40 + 5 %
  By Difference By Difference

Other grades are available on request.

Usage :

Required quantities of Coal Dust is added in the mixer, and dry mixed before water addition.

  • Coal Dust Improves the finish of castings.
  • Coal Dust burns out during casting process, providing better collapsibility to sand at knockout.
  • On account certain developments on Coal Dust undertaken, Goyal Group can claim a unique record of preventing self ignition altogether.
  • Goyal Group has ensured consistency in properties of the Coal Dust, which enables foundries to use the same without encountering the usual problems associated with Coal Dust.


20 Kg HDPE Bags (Ash Content-18+2%)
50 Kg HDPE Bags (Ash Content 7%)
1000 Kg Jumbo Bags


Keep in covered place away from
moisture and flames.
Store in stacks of 2mtrs high maximum
During storage ensure that any other carbonaceous us material is stacked such that at least 1 mtr. gap is maintained.
Ensure storage of only sealed bags while stacking.

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