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The history of "Casting Industry" in India dates back to "Indus Valley Civilization". Since then, there have been numerous advancements and refinements to take this industry from "Skilled Art" into "High Precision, High Productivity and Basic Engineering industry of the Modern Era". Even today, India is a dominating Source for Global Casting Procurement.

Importance of Coal Dust / Lustrous Carbon Additives for the modern foundries needs no extensive explanation. To cater to the exacting needs of them on these additives, was the focus of the “Goyal Group” when it commenced its activities :

Goyal Pulverisers & Minerals (GPM), first enterprise of Goyal Group, Nagpur, embarked on the production of Coal Dust for foundry consumption in 1982. GPM continues to cater this need of foundries, even today.

Goyal Industries, ISO-9001: 2008 Certified, is the second enterprise of the Goyal Group. It commenced the manufacturing of a series of Lustrous Carbon Additives - "PihKol" in April 2002. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Sanjay Goyal & Mr. Ajay Goyal, "PihKol" has created a benchmark of  QUALITY, CONSISTENCY and TECHNICAL SERVICES.
These factors have ensured quantum growth year after year, as well as the goodwill of customers. To enhance the product range, Carbon Raisers "PihCarb" & "Carbolit" were added in 2003.

Goyal Technochem Pvt. Ltd. (GTPL), ISO-9001: 2008 Certified, the third enterprise of Goyal Group, came into existence in 2006 to augment the growing demand of "PihKol"The capacity to manufacture "PihKol" has more than doubled since then. Having stabilized "PihKol", GTPL diversified Into allied foundry needs. In this directian, GTPL has diversified into the manufactureof Foundry Coatings in Feb. 2012.

We feel privileged & satisfied, when we are asked to associate with Foundries to solve technical problems, not even remotely associated with our products.
As an extension to the philosophy of, "SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS", the Goyal Group has established itself in the field of Education by initiating JD College of Engineering & Technolpgy in year 2007. There after MBA in 2008 and than established JD Polytechnic College in 2009. In the year 2012, steps to add Post Graduation were taken and courses in M Tech. were started.

It is further envisaged that, in the near future, state of art research facilities would be established thus enabling the JD Institute to offer PhD as well.

Thus the Philosophy of Goyal Croup will transform to 'SERVICE TO CUSTOMER Sr SOCIETY"

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